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Fun Hip-Hop Dance Instruction for Kids in Cary

hip-hop dancing
Hip-hop dance is actually a relatively new form of dance when looking at the big picture. This style came about in the 1960s, and there are various types that all differ somewhat in the moves and the overall look of the dance. East Coast and West Coast are two of the best known. Hip-hop is probably best characterized as being a street dance, but it has evolved over time. During its evolution, it has risen in popularity and is now seen in performances throughout the world, including at the Academy for the Performing Arts near Cary. Our institution offers a number of different classes aimed at dancers ages four to 18. We’re proud to include hip-hop among our offerings.

The Benefits of Classes From Toddlers to Teens

Dance of any kind offers an amazing workout for the body. Hip-hop dance in particular provides several wonderful benefits. It is an excellent aerobic workout due to the jumping, quick movements and fast pace. In addition, many moves rely on the body to be strong and works to strengthen the muscles being used. Hip-hop dance classes for kids offer children a way to have fun while getting exercise, which is perhaps the biggest benefit of all.

Located Near Holly Springs and Apex

While hip-hop may seem to be very improvisational, it does require skilled instruction to really learn and master the style. For parents looking for professional and high-quality instruction for kids in the Cary and Holly Springs areas, look to the Academy for the Performing Arts, located in nearby Apex. Call us at 919-367-7210 for more information on hip-hop dance classes or if you are interested in other options such as jazz dance programs.

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