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Best Jazz Dance Classes
for Children in Cary

Jazz Dance
Encouraging kids to get active in today’s fast-paced world requires more than just a few jumping jacks. It takes something fun, engaging and challenging that will grab their attention and hold it. The answer is jazz dance classes. This exciting and dynamic style of dance can be traced back to many different roots, including Africa and Europe. While jazz dance is often energetic and lively, a background in ballet is an excellent place to start, though not required. The muscles and agility developed in ballet make for an easier transition to jazz. At the Academy for the Performing Arts located in Apex, we know how important it is for children to be immersed in arts at a young age. We are excited to bring exceptional skill and talent to the Cary area with our dance instruction and other classes.

Creative lessons
for Kids and Teens

Finding the right outlet for your kids to get their wiggles out involves discovering a program that allows for extensive creativity and physical movement. With our jazz dance classes, you are getting all of that, plus some other great benefits, including:

  • Improving concentration levels.
  • Building strong and lean muscle.
  • Increasing posture and poise.
  • Learning dance steps and terminology, from basic to advanced.
  • Completing various rhythms and beats.
  • Using imaginations through music.
  • Building up self-confidence.

With the right instruction, jazz dance is an excellent way to improve children’s overall health, while letting them have fun as they explore the way their bodies move.

A Short Drive from Holly Springs and Apex

When it comes to the right dance classes for kids, the Academy for the Performing Arts located in Apex is truly one of a kind. From our experienced, charismatic instructors to our unbeatable lineup of programs, we are the only place you need for jazz dance programs in the Cary and Holly Springs areas. Find out more by giving us a call today at 919-367-7210.

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